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Land of Untold Stories
General Information
Character Affiliations
  • Frontiersman
  • Dr. Griffin (formerly)
  • Dr. Jekyll (formerly)
  • Orderly
  • Mr. Hyde (formerly)
  • David Nolan
  • Hook
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard
  • Mr. Gold
  • Zelena
  • David Nolan (formerly)
  • Hook (formerly)
  • Mary Margaret Blanchard (formerly)
  • Zelena (formerly)
Show Information
First appearance: "Only You"
Latest appearance: "An Untold Story"
This land is a refuge filled with outcasts from all over, each forced to flee their problems and find a safe haven here.
—Groundsman to David, Mary Margaret, Hook and Zelena

The Land of Untold Stories is a world featured on ABC's Once Upon a Time. It first appears in the twenty-second episode of the fifth season.


For history of Land of Untold Stories, see here.


  • According to Edward Kitsis, the inhabitants of the Land of Untold Stories have run away because they do not want their stories to play out.
  • As Jekyll and the others are walking through the marketplace, as Mary Margaret asks, "Forced to flee from what?", three musketeers are touching their swords together on the left hand side of the screen.
  • As Hook leads the others into the alley, they walk past a dressed like Davy Crockett.
  • The computer-generated imagery model used for the exterior of the Groundsman's house and the surrounding buildings, is recycled from the model created for the Darling House and the neighboring building in "Second Star to the Right". In the exterior shot in the Land of Untold Stories, the building in the middle and the one on the right, are almost identical to the London buildings.


  • The Land of Untold Stories appears in a storybook in "Only You".

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