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Maddie Parker
Enchanted Forest Character
Biographical Information
Alias: Lost Girl
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Home: Neverland (Formerly)
  • Snow White (mother)
  • Prince Charming (father)
  • Emma Swan (sister)
  • Henry Mills (nephew)
  • Neal Nolan (brother)
Physical Description
Species: Human
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Show Information
Portrayed by: Victoria Justice
First appearance: ""Lost Girl"
Latest appearance: ""Swan Song"

I've learned one important thing: to believe in others, you have to believe in yourself
—Maddie Parker to Emma Swan

Madison "Maddie" Adele Parker, also known as the Lost Girl and alternatively known as the Dark One, is a character on Once Upon a Time. Her alias is Lost Girl. She is portrayed by Starring cast member Victoria Justice and does not have a Storybrooke counterpart.

Maddie is based on Maime Mannering from the Peter Pan novels, alluded to Wendy from Peter Pan and Wendy, and Odette the Whtie Swan from the ballet, "Swan Lake".


Before First Curse

Madison is born in the Enchanted Forest shortly after her twin sister, Emma was born. Because Emma and Maddie are both prophesied by Rumplestiltskin to return home to their family in twenty eight years, the babies are carried by their father, Charming with Snow White grieving for losing both her daughters. Charming successfully makes it to the Wardrobe in time. The two of them end up in separate locations, however. Emma is sent to where Pinocchio was sent with Maddie transported in the path of a hike. Abruptly, a couple called Mary and Guy Parker find the baby. They name her Madison Adele Parker and adopt her as one of their own.

Little does she know, Maddie's father is Guy of Gisborne and her adoptive mother is Merryweather, the sister of Maleficent. 

During First Curse

Maddie one day meets Emma, her unknown sister. One day, Maddie's parents invite Emma to come with them to the movie theater and Emma accepts. The two of them sit together with Emma stealing an Apollo candy bar. Merlin, seeing Emma take the bar, tells her not to remove the sword from the stone, no matter how tempted she is to do it.

Years later, at fifteen years old Maddie gets into a fight with her adopted father before running away. She is snatched away by the Shadow and is sent to Neverland, where she encounters Peter Pan. Pan allows her to stay on Neverland if she is the mother of the family. Maddie agrees to his demands to spare her life.

Maddie sometime meets Neal Cassifdy and teaches her secretly how to get off the island. Later, Maddie sometime befriends Tinker Belle.

During the time there, Maddie and Pan fall in love. He starts courting her and then offers to marry her. However, Maddie can not bring herself to loving Pan and tells him that she can't because he is a boy who just wants to have fun the entire time. Pan at first rejects her decision, but then backs down realizing all he can do is be youthful whil eMaddie misses her father. He allows her to leave for three nights. However, when Maddie comes home, she learns her father is dead, leaving Maddie orphaned and her sent to Neverland for a while. 

After First Curse

Thirteen years later, Maddie is still stuck on the island , know longer remembering her past relationship with Pan. She hears an energetic sound and realizes that the first curse is broken and fears that her parents will come looking for her.

During Alternate Reality

After Isaac rewrites everyone's stories in the Heroes and Villains book, Maddie becomes princess of the Enchanted Forest, where she is the daughter of the Evil Queen Snow White and her true love, Prince James. To protect her step-sister, Regina, Maddie killed the dark One and took his powers. Her name is engraved in the Dark One' s dagger.  Maddie flees from her home and then takes up in a cave, which she turns into a castle. One day, a young boy named Henry Mills approaches her after failing to talking to Regina. She almost rejects Henry until he reminds her not only is she the Dark oNE, but she is also the Light One, she is the daughter of Snow White and Prince David, his aunt, the Savior's younger sister. Madison breaks out of her alternate reality streak upon touching her wand.  She promises to help Henry find her step-sister and make things right.


  • Her family by adoption are: Maleficent (adopted aunt), Lily Page (adopted cousin)
  • Maddie is similar to Zelena (ina way
    • Both are sent to a new world by their parents via abandonment
      • However, the difference was Maddie's parents did it to give her her best chance, while Cora abandoned Zelena and sent her to Oz was because she wanted to become royalty
    • They grow up with an abusive adoptive father after their adoptive mothers were dead of unknown causes. However, Zelena's father was mentally and physically abusive while Maddie's father spoke verbal abuse.
    • Both dislike thei rparents and their sister for what they did to them, however, Maddie forgave them instantly after emeting them while Zelena hold a long grudge against her mother and half-sister.
  • The way Maddie finds out her mom by adoption was related to Maleficent was similar to how Skywalker was when he learned that Darth Vader was his father


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